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Online Surveys



          Have you noticed that almost every restaurant in which you eat wants you to take a survey? They will put your name in to win some money or give you a free sandwich etc. Why do they do that? They want to know how they are doing. What if the congregation gave out a survey to all our visitors? What questions would you put on it?


1. Were the people friendly?

2. Did anyone speak to you in the parking lot as you arrived?

3. Was there anyone at the door to greet you when you entered the building?

4. After you were seated did anyone stop to introduce themselves to you?

5. Did anyone introduce themselves to you as the preacher or one of the Elders?

6. Was the temperature of the building comfortable?

7. Were you motivated to singing because those around you were singing?

8. If you have never attended the services of the church of Christ did anyone explain what was going on?

9. Was the service uplifting? When it was over did you have a desire to return?

10. Did you get a sense the Bible was important?

11. Did you get a sense that there was a passion for Christ among those who were present?


          Many of us have attended the services of the church for many years. Do we ever consider how our services are seen through the eyes of a visitor? Do we take the attitude that we are here, we have a nice building, we believe the Bible therefore you should be as interested as we are? Does the passage in the Bible, “Let your light so shine before men…” (Mt. 5:16) have any relevance?

I would put in the survey – don’t you think our preacher is great? Maybe not!