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The elders of the Lithia Springs congregation invited Bro. Aaron Ownbey to become full-time Youth Director/Associate Minister for the congregation. Bro. Aaron will begin his work with us on February 3, 2019. We are excited to have Aaron, Lindsay, Jacob and Karlie back with us in this capacity.

Bro. Aaron was baptized here at Lithia Springs and soon after took over the youth work under the direction of Bro. Gary Culbreath. Later he was appointed deacon over the youth and served well in that capacity. He decided, in order to be a better servant, that he would attend Memphis School of Preaching where he became the leader of his class. Following his graduation, he became the Youth Minister for the Bybee Branch Church of Christ in McMinnville, TN and has served there for almost two years. When he notified the elders there of his decision to come to Lithia Springs their response was, “How will we be able to replace you?”

We welcome and look forward to working with Aaron in the coming years.



LSCOC Youth @ West Georgia church of Christ Youth Rally



Thank you for all those who visited and worked with VBS!

Youth Fishing Trip after Gospel Meeting Door Knocking

Mark 1:17
“And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men”

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Thank you to all of those who have supported our Youth Programs throughout the year


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