Gospel Broadcast Network “GBN”

Gospel Broadcast Network


Brother Larry’s Sermons at GBN
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    I WATCH GBN MOST OF THE DAY TIME. Tell Charollette I said thanks for the prayers, I am filling out an application for employment and my chances are quite good. I still do not have a vehicle, but because of the nature of this job in particular, I will not need one.I have not started my lesson as of yet, as I have been working on other areas in my life (if I obtain this position/it will require me to make a move/however, I will still be living in Kentucky)All of these things considered, it might be a month before I am able to study and mail my lesson (6). Thank you for the wonderful programing. Does GBN have the capabilities that TBN has? I downloaded their programs via internet to my computer, so I could watch their programs from my computer.(understand that this was the ONLY religious type program on the ENTIRE line up of cable programming) I did NOT know that GBN even EXISTED until I moved into this comunity. THAT actually was the BEST thing that happened FINDING the GBN NETWORK. Thanks !

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