But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Mt. 19:26).

VBS got off to a great start Sunday. We will give you a complete summary in next week’s bulletin. Thanks to all of you have worked and attended.

There is much to do, there’s work on ev’ry hand,
Hark! The cry for help comes ringing through the land;
Jesus calls for reapers, I must active be,
What wilt Thou, O Master? Here am I, send me.
There’s a plaintive cry of mourning souls distressed,
And the cry of hearts who seek but find no rest;
These should have my love and tender sympathy,
Ready at Thy bidding, Here am I, send me. [Refrain]
There are hung’ring souls who cry aloud for bread,
With the bread of life they’re longing to be fed;
Shall they starve and famish while a feast is free?
I must be more faithful, Here am I, send me. [Refrain]
There are souls who linger on the brink of woe,
Lord, I must not, cannot bear to let them go;
Let me go and tell them, “Brother, turn and flee,”
Master, I would save them, Here am I send me. (Refrain]
Here am I,
(Here am I, send me, Lord, send me)
Lord, Send me;
(Here am I, send me, Lord, send me)
Here am I,
(Here am I, send me, Lord, send me)
Ready at Thy bidding, Lord, send me.
Songs of the Church, (Howard Publishing Co., West Monroe, LA), 1977

In the work of the Lord there is much to do and Lithia Springs is challenged to accomplish the Lord’s work. There are several things coming up. These are listed in on our Dates and Activities page but they need emphasizing here:

July 27 – Teachers and all those interested, go to Bremen to observe their resource room;

July 28  Area wide singing at Lithia Springs. We need our members to attend!

August 12 – Annual Ladies Day;

October 20-Nov. 2 – MSOP door knocking campaign/ meeting at Lithia Springs.

Nov. 11-12 – Nathan Liddell for Youth Lectureship

This Sunday evening we will finish our Q & A on Sunday evening with emphasis on Women’s Role (Can a woman preach? Can she speak in a class? Can she teach?).


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  1. Grady Dagnan

    Hi Larry; Never forget you at Woodland Heights. You built that church up. Enjoyed your visit to our home a few years ago. I have the old church bell they had sitting up front to ring the beginning of service. The building is still there. Garnett Randolph lived there at one time. Someone lives there now. Woodland was helpful in starting White Oak too. If you have written any books i would like one with your autograph. Thanks!

  2. Gary Hatmaker

    We keep receiving the discs and getting them on the air in downriver Detroit. Comcast channel 20 local access with a potential audience of 300,000 at 2PM and 6PM on Sundays the Lithia Springs church of Christ in Georgia has the floor. We recently concluded our gospel meeting with Wissam Youssif, a convert to Christianity from Islam in Baghdad, Iraq who literally packed the Eureka Heights building wall to wall for three nights. Wissam’s goal is to reach the Muslim population here in the Dearborn area, and the recordings of the meeting are on the Sunset church of Christ in Taylor website. You know with the condition the world is in, it should be hard to find a seat in any church.

  3. Gary Hatmaker

    Hi Larry: Your programs The Fountain of Life are very good and are now on the air weekly in downriver Detroit on the Channel 20 local access channel of Comcast. When you get time, please forward us some more discs. The ones with one program per disc seem to work better, but you can send what you have, I will make it work. Let your people know the viewing audience is a potential 300,000 population in the area. Thanks again, Gary Hatmaker; Eureka Heights church of Christ

  4. Larry Shoemaker

    I love your preaching lessons, brother Larry. I have listened to many of your lessons on the site. I also have listened to some of your lessons on your chucrch site.

    I am wondering do you hold gospel meetings. If so, would you ever consider coming to Kentucky.

    I am the minister for the Campton Church of Christ in Campton, Kentucky. We are approximately 55 miles Southeast of Lexington, Kentucky. Just let me know. We generally have our meetings in April and October. They are usually njust week-end mtgs. Would you have any openings in the next year or two?

    Thanks so much for your reply. Please call me if you have any questions.

    Larry Shoemaker
    606-663-9773 (Home)
    My cell is 859-595-0904

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