Truth and Freedom

“Truth and Freedom”

One spring day, four high school boys could not resist the temptation to skip the morning classes and go fishing. After lunch, they showed up at school and reported to their teacher that their truck had a flat tire and it took them a long time to fix it. They were relieved when she smiled and said, “Well you missed a quiz this morning, so take your seats and get out a pencil and paper.” Still smiling, she waited as they settled down and prepared themselves for her questions. Then she said, “First and only question, which tire on your truck was flat?”

Brethren, Christians cannot lie and get away with it. Ananias and Sapphira thought they were deceiving only Peter and the other believers, but the apostle said to them,”…thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God” (Acts 5:4). Truth is an attribute of an absolutely JUST God. When we lie or deceive someone, we offend Him. And, because He is God, He must uncover every untruth. If we don’t acknowledge it in this life, make no mistake about it; we will when we stand before God. Lying may bring short-term gain, but it will ALWAYS bring long-term losses.

If you are a Christian and feel drawn to compromise all that you have left behind as a new creature in Christ, please remember that the best way to avoid lying is to do nothing that needs to be concealed. God will send trial to all of us…not to impair us but to improve us.

Submitted by Gary Culbreath

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