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  1. Jackie Thornton

    Wish I could have been there in person tonight, but glad I was able to hear Bro. Owens message live tonight. I am so excited to hear his messages the rest of the week, praying for souls to be saved through Christ precious word.

  2. Bonni Harp

    I love this lesson Gary! It reminds me of the story of Saul before he was converted, he was a devout Jew and truly believed he was doing what God wanted him to do by persecuting Christians, but he was very wrong. Later on God used Saul who was renamed Paul, after his conversion, to be a very effective Gospel preacher. It’s not my way but God’s way always! Thanks.

  3. Matthew Prince

    Very impressed, some of them are out of sync though. I’m proud of everything you all are doing!

  4. Bro. Prince

    Bro. Aytch did an outstanding job, preaching God words on last Wednesday. I believe brother Donald has a good voice quality, I highly recomend him for the Memphis School of Preaching. Lithia Springs Church of Christ is full of talent.

  5. Tim

    Awesome job and Thank you everyone@ LSCOC! We have our first recording “in the can” as they say.

    Click any name, in the ARCHIVES, and then click Video – or Audio.. then click play… you must give it a minute to load the file.

    More improvements and instructions to come, we’ve only just begun.

    Thank you , and God Bless! – Bro.Tim

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