Possessions of Jesus

“Possessions of Jesus”

In the lifetime of Jesus we did not hear Him speak of “My house”, “My land”, “My Car”, My business”, or “My money.” We do, whoever, hear Him speak of “My Father” (Matt. 10:33), “My friend” (John 15:14), “My disciples” (John 15:8), “My church” (Matt. 16:18), “My name” (Matt. 18:20), “My words” (Mark8:38), “My sheep” (John 10:27), and “My joy” (John 17:13). It is significant that our example thought more of spiritual possessions than material ones.

“The Finish Line”

Do you know someone who is one of those crazy runners? You know the type; they run fifteen miles a day, marathons, pilgrimages to their favorite running routes all over the country, an obsession with breaking personal records, or in fanatical running lingo, their “PR’s.” Have you ever wanted to know why anyone would want to do this to his or her body? Someone once asked a runner, “Why they enjoyed running so much.” The answer came quickly, “The finish line.”
And there you have it. They run because they have the finish line in sight. It motivates them to keep putting one blistered foot in front of the other. I guess we can all understand that to some degree. If we can remember our purpose, we can be motivated to improve our lives here on earth.
“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.” 1 Corinthians 9:24

Submitted by Gary Culbreath

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